How to send Real Hugs

During social distancing, perhaps one of the most painful things is that your loved ones may be miles away, and it might be a long time before you see them to hug them in person. Here’s a solution: make a Hugger and mail it to the person you long to hug.

  1. Choose yarn that is a bright, happy color. If you don’t have yarn, you can use string, or you can unwind fiber from an object you aren’t using, or you can cut a plastic bag into narrow strips and use that as “yarn.” (aka Plarn)
I unwound a piece of knitting that I wasn’t using

2. Select charms to attach to the two ends of your Hugger. I used crocheted hearts following a pattern like this. But you could use anything you choose, particularly something that is meaningful between you and the recipient.

These are what I used for charms

3. Using the yarn, create a crochet chain (with a hook or with your fingers) with a final length of approximately 4 feet. As you create that change, think about the person you will be sending hugs to: crochet love into that chain. Break off your yarn and pull the loose end through the final loop to end your chain.

4. Create the instruction notes. Consider handwriting it, because that usually feels more personal. Tie label “A” onto one end of your chain, and label “B” onto the other end. For the instruction document, you can write your own text, or you can use something like the text below:

Real hugs across the miles
* Remove the Hugger from its packaging.
* Hold end A in your right hand. Wrap the Hugger around the outside of your left shoulder, across your back, and around the outside of your right shoulder.
* Grab end B with your left hand. Your wrists should be crossed in front of you.
* Squeeze your crossed wrists into your chest. Think of the person who sent you the Hugger. Say “hug-hug-hug” out loud.
* Repeat as often as necessary.

To share this experience with other friends, here is the link to the crafting instructions: www.Change-Making.com/real-hugs

My labels and instruction card

5. Use the two tails of the chain for attaching the charms and labels.

My finished Hugger with charms and labels tied to either end of the chain

6. Package your Hugger in USPS-approved packaging. Estimate how heavy the total package is. If you have a food scale, you can weigh it. If you don’t have a scale, you can estimate by comparing the weight to other packages you may have in your home, such as a bag of chips or pretzels that probably have the weight printed on them.

7. Use the USPS website to purchase postage. USPS should pick up this package from most residences without a problem. Send a Hugger to each person whom you long to hug.