We grow food plants, culinary and medicinal herbs, California native plants, and plants for water-wise gardens. Our seedlings and cuttings are available at several Southern California locations:

  • HomeGrown Gardens table at local farmers markets.  Mar Vista Farmers Market (Sundays 9-2, Venice and Grand View); Santa Monica Main Farmers Market (Sundays); Baldwin Hills/Crenshaw Farmers Market (Saturdays).
  • International Garden Center in El Segundo.

Nursery stock availability varies with the seasons.


CALIFORNIA FUCHSIA ‘Topanga’ – bright orange blossom appears in heat of summer and attracts hummingbirds. Drought-tolerant. Zauschneria or Epilobium canum ~ (botanic names for this plant are changing)  Low-growing (about 12″ to 18″ high) and spreading, great for rock gardens.

CALIFORNIA WILD ROSE lovely pale pink “old rose” blossom and bright red rose hips. Great in lower-water landscapes. Rosa californica ~you’ll often see it along the banks of creeks in the Santa Monica mountains.  Spreading plant has arching branches that can reach 3′ to 4′  Great for local wildlife. Makes a nice cascade over a wall.

COMFREY many uses in herbal medicine and organic gardening. purple flowers, winter deciduous. light shade, steady moisture. ~ Grows fine in a large container.  If you plant it in the ground, put it in a location where you don’t mind having comfrey forever; the taproot will continue producing more.

CUBAN OREGANO (sweet) lovely sweet-scented herb which can be used to flavor iced tea.  Great in containers. Plectranthus ~ We carry two strains of this plant which look alike but smell very different. The ‘sweet’ strain smells like a sweet mint and is a favorite of children at our market stands.  Perennial plant grows well in partial sun, filtered shade, or full sun.  Approx 12″ high, but will grow much longer runners in shade.

CUBAN OREGANO (savory) used in cooking Carribean cuisine.Great in containers. Plectranthus ~ We carry two strains of this plant which look alike but smell very different.  The ‘savory’ strain smells a lot more like the “oregano” part of its common name. Perennial plant grows well in partial sun, filtered shade, or full sun.

DESERT HOLLYHOCK apricot-colored blossoms. Super drought-tolerant, loves sandy soil and hot sun. Sphaeralcea sp. ~ Great for wildlife. Don’t give it supplemental water; that will shorten its life.

DWARF FIG ‘Black Jack’ delicious dark purple-skinned fruit with pink & white flesh. heat-tolerant deciduous tree 5′ to 6′ ~ Read more

MEXICAN LOBELIA constant bloomer, with yellow & orange flowers, hummingbird magnet. Spreading, drought-tolerant, loves dappled shade. Lobelia laxiflora ~ Makes a lovely living carpet beneath a tree.

PERENNIAL TREE COLLARDS tender greens throughout the year. full sun, rich soil, heat-tolerant plant 5′ to 6′ tall, 2′ wide. ~ Needs staking.  A favorite plant of Permaculture gardens.  Leaves are mild, tender and grey-greenish in cool months; they’ll turn purple-green during hot months, when they gain a more assertive flavor. Use cut-and-come-again harvesting and cook in any standard recipe that calls for kale or collards.

SCAREDY-CAT PLANT keeps cats away. Easy to grow in sun or part shade. Drought tolerant. Plectranthus caninus ~  Pale blue flowers, not showy, approx 12″ high.  Great in containers.

SORREL lemon-flavored salad green with lovely garden appearance. perennial.

YERBA BUENA California native mint. Prefers some shade and standard garden water. Satureja douglasii

BULBINE long-blooming yellow-and-orange flowers on long stems. Great in low-water landscapes. Bulbine frutescens  ~ Ornamental succulent

CALANDRINIA purple blossoms on long stems look spectacular above grey-green foliage. Drought-tolerant, good for rock gardens. ~ Ornamental succulent

Joanne’s Los Angeles garden is an urban growing grounds for Home Grown Gardens of Venice, CA.  Contact us with questions or special requests