Abundant Harvests

The Abundant Harvests booklet series is about high-yield gardening of organic vegetables and fruit.  This is low-cost gardening, designed to save you money from installation to long-term maintenance.  It’s also easy-care gardening, set up to take the minimum of time.  It’s specifically about how to get Abundant Harvests from the tight spaces of urban gardens.

The Abundant Harvests booklet series is rich with Permaculture insights and powerdown wisdom, for lower inputs, lower water use, and lower environmental impact.  Here is sustainability gardening, locally adapted to our geography.

When it comes to guides for growing food in the unique year-round growing season of Southern California, East Coast and British gardening books don’t have appropriate answers for us.  I found there was a distinct lack of good info, so I started to write my own.

Titles released thus far include:

  • The Quest for Higher Yields
  • The Secrets of Soil Building
  • Water Wisdom for High-Yield Gardens
  • Food from a Flowerpot
  • Your Community Garden (issues to think about for groups establishing a community garden)

The Quest for Higher YieldsThe Secrets of Soil BuildingWater WisdomFood from a Flowerpot