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.Immerse yourself in stories about characters who are change-makers.

Legacy: A Story of Hope

Symbiosis (coming soon)

What if the characters in the novels you read were heroes who set out to change the world, to repair the environment, to put in place more-sustainable practices? What if these brave heroes were rolling back consumerism and were attuned to economic justice?


Is this a series? Do I need to read them in order?

Pick up any of the Change-Makers books and you’ll leap into near-future Los Angeles, and you’ll meet characters who are change-makers: they’re doing their best to put in place positive changes for society. Along the way, you’ll experience lifestyle changes that society is making, and you’ll witness how interrelated social and environmental solutions play out in combination.

Unlike a conventional “series,” the characters of each book are different (although characters from earlier novels have been known to make cameo appearances). The problems that character battles within his or her journey is different.

Legacy, the first novel, gives a big picture, broad-brush overview of an evolving future, portraying a family saga that unfolds across four decades. Symbiosis and the books that follow delve into more intimate views of specific issues, and the stories cover just a year or so in the characters’ lives.

You can read the stories in any order. Each book is written to be its own separate experience. At the same time, the entire collection as a whole is designed to create a rich experience.

When will the next novel be available?

After Symbiosis, the next novel will be about a woman, Maddie, who is trying to run a “homekitch” cafe, and her struggles when the big corporate coffee place comes in with ideas to gentrify the neighborhood. This novel should be released in 2021.

What is the timeline of the Change-Making series? When do these stories take place?

Legacy unfolds from 2002 to 2040. Symbiosis takes place just before 2030. Maddie’s story will take place slightly prior to the beginning of Symbiosis.

Who is the author? Why are the names different?

My fiction will be published under the pen name J. Maak. When the original edition of Legacy was released, I was not yet using this pen name. I continue to write nonfiction under the name Joanne Poyourow.

How many books are you planning to write?

Ideas are in-the-works for several additional novels. Keep in touch by joining my fiction mailing list, below.

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