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Let’s Starve the Storm Drains!

rainbarrels1Honestly, we’re not forecast to get very much rain this season.  So shouldn’t we make the most of every drop we get?  There is no reason to waste any of it down the storm drains.

Is your property set to soak up every bit of rainwater you get?  Are your downspouts headed to collection barrels or to infiltration pits?  Water running from your roof – does it percolate into soil, or is it wasted down hard concrete and asphalt?

Rain sent to the storm drains around here flows out to the ocean (where it causes havoc in the ocean ecosystems).  Meanwhile, the groundwater basins beneath our city are sorely in need of replenishment.

You can help.  Come hear landscape architect John Tikotsky as he demonstrates the 4 different kinds of rainwater harvesting at the Community Garden at Holy Nativity.  You’ll discover simple things you can do on your own property, or the properties of friends and relatives.  You’ll learn ways you can capture every drop of rainwater, and starve the storm drains.

Let’s be part of the solution!

Rainwater Harvesting class
Sat Oct 11, 9am-11am
$5 to $10 suggested donation
Community Hall at Holy Nativity
6700 W. 83rd, Los Angeles 90045
Please RSVP