Cancellation and Refunds policies

Cancellations policy

We reserve the right to cancel any class or event if RSVPs do not meet minimum enrollment requirements to make the class or event work. We would typically make such cancellation decision one week prior to the event, and notify all potential attendees who RSVP’d via email. If an event has been cancelled, it will appear on our Google Calendar with a note that it has been cancelled.


If you have paid to attend an event and you need to cancel your plans, you may request a full refund from us if you email us 7 or more days prior to the event’s start time.

If you have a last-minute cancellation within that final week prior to the event, you may request a partial refund from us if you email us within 3 days of the event’s end time. Please realize that we incur costs in producing an event (for supplies, speakers, copies, etc.) and these are typically based on the number of expected attendees. If you cancel last-minute, we will likely have already included you in the headcount as we made our preparations. “Partial refund” usually is 50% of what you paid, however for some events we reserve the right to retain a higher percentage.

Our organization runs fairly “bare bones” without a lot of financial cushion. If you do not actively request a refund from us, we will presume that you intend to donate your funds toward the work that we do.  Thank you for your understanding.