Climate solutions

What can we do about global warming? Plenty.

Climate change feels massive, however the National Climate Assessment report drives home the point: we need to change in a massive way in response.

In addition to changing the way we do business, the way we do agriculture, and the way we organize people (i.e. governmental response), we need to change our expectations and our individual lifestyles as well.

These last are our favorites, and they will be the focus of my series of posts.

Here are the posts in the series thus far:

  • (coming soon)

Books I plan to review:

  • Drawdown, Paul Hawken, ed.
  • The Climate Challenge, Guy Dauncey
  • Being the Change, Peter Kalmus
  • Toolbox for Sustainable City Living, Scott Kellogg
  • The Soil will Save Us, Kristing Ohlson

While you’re waiting for more posts to appear, here are some articles from other sources that you might enjoy: