Two moving sidewalks

Ever feel like you’re zipping through the fast-paced hours of your day, the crowded pages of your calendar, like you’re on a swiftly moving sidewalk? Then you learn about alternative lifestyles, other ways of living and pacing one’s life. As you learn about the Transition movement, perhaps you get caught up in community events and

3. Rethink the idea of “Jobs”

Become a jack of all trades and a master of one. – David Holmgren, quoting a European Permaculturist Perhaps this segment, more than any other, calls upon that “raw courage” I mentioned in Part I. “Jobs” as we know them today — paychecks from large corporate employers — are a very recent phenomenon in human

Resilient nonprofits

As we rethink society for a post-petroleum, economically-lean future, it’s opportunity to rethink nonprofit structures, too. As stated before, we need to set up environmental and social change organizations as entities that will endure, instead of going bankrupt. Rather than looking for how to fund activities through this transition time, and binding ourselves to a

How do you do all this and still conduct a “normal” life?

That’s exactly the point: You don’t. At some time within the next few months or years, circumstances will be such that you will relinquish the feeble attempts to hang onto that gluttonous consumption, compete-with-the-Jones’s (or “keep the kids competitive” with the Jones’s kids), go-go-go life rhythm. You’ll begin to get real. Remember, green-casting a five-planets-worth-of-consumption

2. Expect contraction

Think about a bathroom sink: water comes in through the faucet and leaves through the drain. If the water is flowing in faster than it is draining out, you’ll have an accumulation of water in the basin. If the level in the basin (the cash in our checking accounts) proves inadequate, we have been well-schooled

1. Do the Dance

A friend once showed me that everyone is doing a financial Dance. Some people are quite aware that they are doing it: they live rather “on the edge,” managing to pull in just enough to pay the bills, just in time. They do a perpetual Dance to assure that income will cover expenses. Many of